The School Funding Issue: How Did We Get Here?

Northfield Public Schools elementary PTOs and the League of Women Voters of Northfield and Cannon Falls hosted Schools for Equity in Education Director of Communications, Deb Griffiths, on Wednesday, May 4, at Bridgewater Elementary School.   Schools for Equity in Education (SEE) is an association of 58 school districts throughout the state of Minnesota including Northfield and Cannon Falls. SEE works for greater equity and adequacy in public education funding and policy for all Minnesota public schools.

In this video, Griffiths provides a clear explanation of how K-12 public schools are funded in Minnesota that will help parents and community members understand this complex system.

Are you confused about the rhetoric surrounding public funding for K-12 education? Have you asked yourself some of the following questions?

•    Why do local schools have to make more cuts?
•    Are public schools overfunded and poorly managed?
•    Is there a serious lack of investment in our schools?
•    How can parents and community members make a difference for their schools?

This video answers these questions and more. We hope you will take the opportunity to become informed.