Two Northfield Public Schools students were recognized as second place winners in the state-wide Kids Voting Poster Contest on Jan. 10. Sibley Elementary’s Katie Brust and middle school student Noah Schomberg were selected from 200 entries comprised of other first place winners from districts across the state.

Last fall, students in grades K-8 in Northfield Public Schools and St. Dominic’s participated in the Kids Voting program, which sponsored the Kids Voting Poster Contest. This year’s contest theme was “Got freedom? Honor a veteran!” All poster entries include original artwork that expressed the student’s view of the theme.

Each election year students participate in the Kids Voting program, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that teaches students about the concepts of citizenship, civic responsibility, democracy and the importance of political participation. Kids Voting combines civic learning in the classroom, family dialogue, and an authentic voting experience to help students gain knowledge, skills and confidence to be active citizens.

As part of this experience, students may enter the Kids Voting Poster Contest. Northfield Rotary members serve on the Northfield selection committee. A group of veterans in Duluth judged the state-wide entries. Posters are judged on originality, composition and adherence to contest guidelines.

The Northfield Kids Voting Poster Contest results were announced in October 2010. Local contest winners in grades K-2 were Lauren Lyons of St. Dominic’s, in first place, and Adam Viskocil of St. Dominic’s, in second. In grades 3-5, Katie Brust (Sibley) won first place and Mackenzie Stanton (St. Dominic’s) took second. In the grades 6-8 category were Northfield Middle School students Noah Schomberg (1st place) and Betsy Boland (2nd).