Attendance Procedures

A student is considered absent if they are not in school at any time during the normal school day.

Examples of absence descriptions:

  • Late/tardy to school for any reason
  • Appointments of any kind, planned or unplanned
  • Vacations (not included on the school calendar), planned or unplanned
  • Illness

All student absences must be excused by a parent or legal guardian or they will be recorded as “unexcused” or “truant.” Refer to the Attendance Policy in the Northfield Middle School Student Planner for a detailed description of what is considered excused, unexcused or truant by middle school administration.

How do I report my student’s absence?

There are several ways an absence can be excused:

  • Call the attendance line at 507.663.0655. The line is available 24 hours/7 days a week.
  • Send a signed note with your student to the attendance office prior to or upon return from an absence.
  • Visit the attendance office in person.

Absences reported to teachers may not always get excused. Be sure to report to the attendance office. The attendance office will also help your child get advance homework or make-up homework as needed.

When calling in an absence, be sure to include your student’s full name, reason for being absent, and your relation to the student.

Here are some examples:

  • Hello, please excuse my son, John Doe, home ill today. Illnesses need to be reported daily.
  • Hello, please dismiss my daughter, Jane Doe, at 9 a.m. today for a doctor’s appointment. This is her father calling.

When writing a note, please be sure to include the same information plus specific dates of absence(s).

How can I arrange to have my student excused for an appointment?

While we would prefer that appointments be made outside of the school day, we know that this isn’t always possible. Should your child need to leave during the school day, please use the following procedure:

  1. Call the attendance line or send a note to school with your child and have him or her deliver it to the attendance window. Notification should include your child’s first and last name, grade, reason for the appointment, and the time you will pick up your child.
  2. Your child can pick up his or her pass to leave the building at the attendance window first thing in the morning if Step 1 above has been followed. The pass will allow your student to leave class approximately 5 minutes before the designated pick-up time.
  3. Your child can show the pass to his or her teacher at the time indicated on the pass, drop materials off at a locker and then proceed to the office to sign out. If we have advance notification of a departure, your child will be able to show the pass to office staff, sign out in the main office and meet you outside. The pass should be brought back to school after the appointment for use in signing in and returning to class.
  4. Passes cannot be issued without permission from a parent.

How can makeup work be obtained?

If you know in advance that your child will be missing class time, please call the attendance line or send a note with your student to the office in advance of the absence. If your child has been absent for 3 or more consecutive days, you can request homework when you report the absence to the attendance line on the 3rd day. Please make homework requests before 9 a.m., so teachers can use their prep time to gather homework. Available homework can be picked up between 3 and 4 p.m. It’s a good idea to call ahead before stopping for homework to be sure something is available to take home. Call the main office at 507.663.0650 after 2:45 p.m., to see if homework is available.

If your child is absent for only a day or two, he or she may want to contact a classmate to see what assignments are available.

If your child is returning from an absence and needs to request homework from teachers, please have him or her stop at the attendance window near the main office to pick up a Request for Homework slip.

If you have questions or concerns regarding attendance, please call 507.663.0650.

Northfield Middle School • 2200 Division Street South • Northfield, MN 55057 • p 507.663.0650 • f 507.663.0660 •