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At Northfield High School, we use technology as an accelerator of learning. All students in grades 9 – 12 are issued an iPad for educational use as part of a 1:1 iPad program. The program uses digital curriculum materials, student collaboration tools and individualized instruction in all subject areas with the goal of enhancing student learning. Information for students and parents involved in the program may be found below.

Helpful Tips (How to…)

Login Issues

Google Drive

Students should make sure to point their web browser to http://drive.google.com. Student Google Drive user names use the following convention: firstname.lastname@northfieldschools.org

Passwords are the same as they use for logging into the school’s Novell system (the user name and password they type to access a Windows-based computer in the building.) In the event they cannot remember this password, any member of the Media/Tech team can assist students in the Media Center.


Students can access Schoology on either their iPad or a computer using one of two login methods: email or username.

Media Center_schoology_login_screen Media Center_schoology_login_email Media Center_schoology_login_username
Choose an option:
Email Login
Username Login
Email address: first.last@northfieldschools.org
Password: First four letters of your first name and your 4-digit lunch number, e.g., Jess1234)
Username: first.last
Password: First four letters of your first name and your 4-digit lunch number, e.g., Jess1234)

Most login issues actually surround the spelling of student usernames or transposing letters in the email address. Having students double check this often fixes the problem. In addition, when using the username login, make sure they’ve selected Northfield, MN, as opposed to another school. If one login strategy doesn’t work, try the other. If neither works, have the students go to http://nfld.schoology.com on their iPads and attempt the web login as opposed to the iPad App. If students have actually forgotten their password, any of the Media/Tech staff can assist them in the Media Center.

Students who cannot login to Skyward should contact the Counseling Office for their username and password.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged iPads

Find My iPad

Here is a great video guide and tutorial on how to use Find My iPad.

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