Student Apple IDs (Under 13 years old)

Apple ID information for students under the age of 13:

This year, all students in grades 6-12 will be using a personal Apple ID model. This is a new model for middle school students. If your student already has an Apple ID they are currently using, they can continue to use that Apple ID on their school iPad. If your student does not already have an Apple ID they are using, please set up a new Student Apple ID. (Watch for an email from Apple on this process, more information below).


What is an Apple ID for Students:

Creating an Apple ID typically requires selecting a birthdate that demonstrates an age of at least 13 years old. Apple has created a Student Apple ID system for educational use for students who are under the age of 13. This system allows a parent to create an Apple ID for their student. Account information on Student Apple IDs cannot be changed without parent consent, and they do not require a payment option being attached to the Apple ID during setup. This differs from full Apple ID accounts.


Why do middle school students need an Apple ID?

A personal Apple ID allows students to access resources such as apps and digital textbooks shared by Northfield Public Schools. It also allows students access to iCloud, which backs up data and allows the “Find My iPad” feature to be enabled. Personal Apple IDs increase both security and functionality of students’ iPads


How do I create a Student Apple ID for my child?

You should receive an email from Apple that contains information about Apple IDs and a link to set up your student account. This has likely already been sent to you. Follow the instructions in that email to create your Student Apple ID.


What if I don’t receive an email from Apple?

There are a couple of reasons this could happen:

  • A current parent/guardian email address may not be on file for you.
  • Your student may have enrolled in Northfield Public Schools after our accounts were created.
  • Your student may have already created an Apple ID using their school email address.
  • Your student may be at least 13 years of age, in which case you can set up a full Apple ID at

If you do not receive the email and do not have an Apple ID for your student, please contact Kim Briske (507.664.3399).


Additional Information:

Apple provides a wealth of information regarding parental controls and Apple IDs in general.

For general information regarding Apple IDs, please visit

Apple also provides a parent guide with information about managing student Apple IDs and devices, which can be accessed at This guide includes information about setting restrictions on your student’s iPad. Please understand that Northfield Public Schools also utilizes a Mobile Device Management system that automatically sets several restrictions on student iPads. If you need more information about restrictions or safe and responsible use of technology, please contact Kim Briske (507.664.3399).

Thank you for your collaboration in providing high quality learning experiences and increased access to a wealth of educational resources through the use of technology. Please be in touch if we can be of further assistance.