iOS 7 – update away!

We had asked that students hold off on updating their school iPads to iOS 7. At this point, students can feel free to update their iPads to Apple’s latest operating system.

Students do not have to update their iPads if they do not want to do so. We just want you to know it is acceptable to do so at this point.

You can download a PDF ‘cheat sheet’ to help you with the update process, We recommend you review the document before updating as it contains good information about what to expect for the update. Thanks to Middle School Workstation Specialist Sandy Fjelde for creating the document. Again, you do not need to complete the update at this point. We recommend you make sure you have your Notability files backed up using Google Drive and/or iCloud before completing any updates.

Some students iPads may have already downloaded a copy but did not install it. If you receive a ‘verification’ error, turn the iPad off and on in order to download the latest version of iOS 7 (7.02).

As always, please feel free to contact Director of Administrative Services Matt Hillmann at or (507) 645-3458 with any questions about the Transformational Technology initiative.