Orientation/distribution sessions begin today

Our Transformational Technology orientation and distribution events begin today for 9th-12th Grade students at Northfield High School. Here are some key components for today:

  • The orientation is your first stop. This presentation will be held in the auditorium, every hour on the hour, beginning at 9 am. Unfortunately, due to the volume of people coming through at the distribution sessions, we won’t be able to take questions at the end. You can either connect personally with a school administrator after the orientation or submit your question online for a response.
  • After the orientation, you will proceed to pay the iPad insurance fee (you can skip this step if you have paid your insurance fee online and bring the printed receipt.)
  • After paying the insurance fee, you can move to the Media Center to check out your iPad. You’ll receive your iPad in a cardboard box. We ask that you write your name on the box and hand it to one of our volunteers after it is checked out. This is to assist with our record keeping process.
  • After checking out your iPad and giving your box back to one of of our volunteers, you’ll collect and assemble your case, the Griffin Survivor. This is the most difficult part of the process, but worth it for the protection the case provides.
  • You can leave the media center after one of our volunteers has checked that the case is properly installed.

You’ll notice that there aren’t many apps installed on your iPad yet. We’ll begin delivering apps wirelessly to High School iPads early next week. High School students should tie their iPad to an Apple ID in order to customize their learning experience and as a method to redeem paid books and apps the school provides.

Again, please make sure to take time to read the iPad Loan Agreement. This is important for understanding your opportunities and responsibilities!