Online question roundup – 07.19.13

We have been accepting questions about our iPad distribution events over the last week via an online form. The link was included in the letter emailed to families on July 12 about the distribution process. The following is a ’roundup’ of those questions:

Q. Can students use their own iPad or purchase one from the school to keep.

A. We are planning to provide each student with a school iPad. We understand that many families already have devices in their homes and some have the same model iPad that the school will issue. We have a desire to make sure that, as we begin this process, that all students have access to the same school-issued device to facilitate the beginning of our transition to digitally distributed curriculum. As we move forward, allowing students to substitute their own iPad for the school issued iPad may be an option but not at this time. In addition, we are not allowed to sell students iPads.

Q. When should ALC students come to get their iPads?

A. ALC students are scheduled to attend the High School distribution sessions. Simply attend the session that corresponds with your last name. See the letter emailed to families on July 12th to find your pre-assigned time.

Q. Can students in 9th-12th grades use their own Apple ID with their iPad?

A. Yes, students in 9th-12th grades will be able to add their own or their family’s Apple ID to the iPad to customize their learning experience. The District is using the ‘layered ownership’ approach for our 9th-12th grade students. This means that some apps will be delivered from the District’s organizational Apple ID while others can be added by students. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, it would be best to create one before you attend your distribution session.

Students in 6th-8th grades will not be able to tie their iPads to their family’s Apple ID. The District is using the ‘institutional ownership’ model with 6th-8th grade students. This means students will not be able to install their own apps.

These strategies are referenced as part of the iPad Loan Agreement.

Q. What kind of iPads are students receiving? Can they select their color?

A. The District is leasing iPad 2s. Unfortunately, students will not be able to select a color. The District is leasing black 16 GB iPad 2s and black Griffin Survivor cases.

Q. What happens if I cannot make the distribution date and time pre-assigned to me?

A. You can attend any other session that is after your pre-assigned session scheduled at your building. You could also attend one of the make-up sessions scheduled for August 27th beginning at 4 pm, 5 pm, or 6 pm. The makeup sessions will all be held at the Middle School. If none of those options work for you, contact Director of Administrative Services Matt Hillmann ( or 507-645-3458) to work out an alternative. The District is doing the best it can to provide orderly distribution sessions while maintaining the flexibility that families need.

Please continue to submit your questions to our online form. We’ll provide a weekly (or so) roundup of these questions on this blog.