Distribution times announced

The District sent a Skylert message this afternoon to families with students going into 6th-12th grades this afternoon with assigned times for iPad distribution in August. Distribution dates will be:

  • August 15: Northfield High School  students | 9 am – 5 pm at Northfield High School
  • August 19: Northfield Middle School students  | 12 pm – 8 pm at Northfield Middle School
  • August 20: Northfield High School students | 12 pm – 8 pm at Northfield High School
  • August 21: Northfield Middle School students  12 pm – 8 pm at Northfield Middle School

Download a PDF file of the letter emailed to families that contains specific distribution session assignments:

English | Español

Each distribution session will take approximately two hours – the first hour is a required orientation session for parents and students. The orientation will cover expectations for students, software loaded on the iPad by the District, and digital citizenship.

The second hour is checkout and configuration of the iPad. The configuration process will include five stations that parents and students will progress through:

  1. Insurance payment (this can be bypassed if families have paid ahead of time online)
  2. iPad checkout
  3. iPad configuration (this entails plugging the iPad into a computer through a USB hub to download the device’s profile)
  4. Case assembly — the District has purchased the Griffin Survivor. The final step in the process will be for parents and students to put the case on the device. After this is complete and checked by a staff member or volunteer, students and parents can leave!

Our goal is to provide orderly distribution sessions for families and to provide an orientation session that promotes shared understanding/support of student opportunities and expectations. The District will also sponsor monthly parent sessions this Fall to continue the dialogue and provide additional training.

In an effort to collect questions and gather answers into one “Frequently Asked Questions” document, we are asking that questions be submitted through an online form. Click here to submit a question online.

As always, feel free to contact Matt Hillmann by phone at 507.645.3458 with questions about the Transformational Technology project.