TransTech Update 06.21.13

Our summer work toward the implementation of the transformational technology project has been moving forward at a quick pace. Over the last several weeks, we have:photo

  • Imported iPad records into the District’s asset management system in order to prepare to check out the devices in a similar manner to a library book
  • Conducted two “Tech Boot Camp Tuesdays.” These training sessions provide a weekly opportunity for our staff to continue to develop and hone their skills in preparing for the Fall.
  • Completed a revision of the iPad Loan Agreement which will be shared with the Board at the July 8th Board meeting.
  • Selected the initial dates for distribution of iPads

Northfield High School students will be able to check out their devices on August 15 or 20. Northfield Middle School students will be able to check out their devices on August 19 or 21. Final details of the distribution events are still being completed, but the sessions will include both the distribution of iPads and cases, registration with the District’s Mobile Device Management system, and an orientation for parents and students. There will be orientation sessions scheduled for those parents whose primary language is Spanish. Parents and students will begin receiving updates about distribution during the week of July 1st July 8th.

As always, feel free to contact Director of Administrative Services Matt Hillmann at 507.645.3458 or by email at with any questions about this project.