Update 03.03.2013

Since the approval of the transformational technology proposal, we have been working on finalizing a number of details. A handful of the things we’re working on:

  • Selecting a case
  • Lease details
  • Mobile device management system
  • Learning management system
  • Professional development schedule and curriculum
  • Intake and inventory strategy
  • Student distribution
  • Policy and protocols

Each of these items are at slightly different stages, with the mobile device management system and learning management system seeing the most progress to this point. Nate Knutson, our outstanding network manager, has installed a test version of the Lightspeed Mobile Device Management system and we are liking what we see. This system should allow us to manage our iPads using one system as well as apply the District’s web content filtering wherever the devices are, not just at school.

We are nearing the selection of the enterprise version of Schoology as our learning management system. Several school districts in Minnesota (such as Minnetonka and Farmington) who have implemented a 1:1 iPad initiative are using Schoology. The web-based system will be a core resource for our staff in the substitution stage of the SAMR model framework we are focusing on for the 2013-14 school year. Our District Tech Steering committee viewed reference material and saw a demonstration on Friday by Northfield High School business education teacher/media specialist Julie Wolner. Mrs. Wolner is piloting Schoology with two of her classes this semester and is seeing great success.

We’ll be finalizing some other decisions and plans in the coming week. This is the phase of project where we are doing our best to “cross the Ts and dot the Is.” By focusing on details at this point, we should have an opportunity for a smoother implementation.

We’ll continue to update the blog and capture our journey towards transformation. Check back for updates!