Hillmann presents Transformation Technology proposal to the Northfield School Board

Matt Hillmann presenting to Northfield School Board Matt Hillmann, Director of Human Resources and Technology Matt Hillmann presenting to Northfield School Board

Transformational Technology Proposal, Jan. 21, 2013I attended last night’s Northfield School Board meeting at which Matt Hillmann, Director of Human Resources and Technology, presented the most recent draft of the Transformation Technology Proposal.

We’ll have a video clip of Matt’s presentation posted here on the blog in a day or two. The 90-minute video is now posted below.

See this PDF of the 6-page PDF of the Transformational Technology Proposal, dated Jan. 21, 2013.

Also see Northfield News reporter Ashley Klemer’s (@AshleyKlemer) article titled Transformational Technology proposal presented to Northfield Board of Education.

Hillmann presented the final recommendations from the technology task forces for the Transformational Technology Project to the board on Monday night saying that the shift to include iPads in classroom instruction is one of the biggest pedagogical shifts in 100 years.