Help us design the Transformational Technology straw poll

straw-pollOne way to gather some information and get people engaged about an issue is to conduct a straw poll, an informal unscientific survey of those who ‘show up.’

One common type of straw poll is to ask for a show of hands at a face-to-face meeting, e.g.,

How many of you are happy with how the elections turned out? Who does NOT have a cell phone that’s set to mute? Who thinks the Twins will win the World Series this year?

show-of-handsAs people in the room see each others hands go up and down, it sets the expectation that in a public setting, one is expected to ‘weigh in.’ It helps get people more engaged, rather than just being passive listeners. The activity gives the presenters a little information about their audience.

Online straw polls are similar but have some advantages: people can complete them anytime of the night or day; the polls can be more in-depth and people can take as much time as they need to fill them out; those reluctant to weigh publicly have a degree of anonymity; results are more easily compiled, etc.

I’m going to put up a straw poll late on Friday or early Saturday and we might do another one at the very end. But your help is needed in creating these straw polls. Matt Hillman and I have started working on it and will post updates on my efforts via the comments feature attached to this blog post. Please critique our efforts and make suggestions on what else should be included.

I know that two days is a ridiculously short amount of time to get feedback on this, so my apologies.  But we want to have the straw poll live on Saturday so that those who attend the morning face-to-face session can take it when they return home.

So here’s the straw poll draft. What changes would you like to see?

transformationaltech staw poll

3 thoughts on “Help us design the Transformational Technology straw poll

  1. Griff Wigley Post author

    My apologies for not having this up sooner. There’s not much time for feedback on designing the straw poll. I’ll need to put it up early on Saturday morning.

  2. Kathie Galotti

    I think this is a pretty decent straw poll, fwiw. I’m glad you left a lot of spots for comments.

  3. Griff Wigley Post author

    Thanks, Kathie. I appreciate that! I’d like to do a similar one at the end, with some additional questions about we did on the online engagement activities. For that one, I won’t be in such a time crunch.

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