A Northfield Public Schools online citizen engagement project, coming soon

Griff WigleyGreetings! I’m Griff Wigley, online coordinator for this project, wearing my business consulting hat (Wigley and Associates) and not my blogger hat (Locally Grown Northfield).

My wife Robbie and I have been residents of Northfield since 1976. Our four kids are now grown and gone but while growing up in Northfield, they spent time in many of the area’s schools including Sibley Elementary, Prairie Creek, Northfield Middle School, Northfield High School, and ARTech/Arcadia. There were even several months of homeschooling in there. Like many Northfield empty-nesters, we’d be thrilled if our kids moved back to Northfield some day to raise their families here and have their kids attend area schools. So while I’m not a ‘stakeholder’ in the usual sense, I’m keenly personally interested in this project beyond my role as a consultant.

Chris Richardson, Griff Wigley, Matt HillmannI’m looking forward to working with Superintendent Chris Richardson and Director of Human Resources and Technology Matt Hillmann on this project and hope it can serve as a prototype for engaging the citizenry in future school district projects.