Update 6.22.12

We received confirmation yesterday that our iPads have shipped and will hopefully arrive sometime next week. Once they arrive, staff will be tagging the devices and entering them into our inventory system. Thanks to our Rebecca Glassing, our awesome Northfield High School Media Specialist, the iPads will be entered into our Destiny management system so we can check them out to staff just like a book!

We also have scheduled our Tech Boot Camp sessions – this was sent to District staff today. The iPad sessions offered initially will be focused on the general use and operation of the iPad. We’ll continue throughout the year with additional professional development – focusing more on teaching with the iPad rather than operating the iPad itself.

We’ve had 22 staff sign up for our task forces and will begin to set those meeting schedules next week.

One of the projects taking place this summer to support the transformational technology initiative is the improvement of our wireless networks. This week, we have some data cabling being installed to prepare for the addition of several higher density wireless devices at the Middle School and High School. This is an important component of this project that we hope to have completed in early August.

As always, let me know if you have any questions about the project. You can contact me by phone at (507) 645-3458 or by email at matt.hillmann@northfieldschools.org.