Response to Intervention (K-5)

Response to Intervention (RtI) is a multi-level framework that integrates instruction, assessment and intervention within a school-wide prevention system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems. Through school-wide screening, students who need a targeted or intensive approach to learning are identified. Interventions are implemented, progress is monitored and data-based decision making occurs to determine the next steps for each student. The RtI team in each elementary building leads and supports the six steps of the RtI process.

RtI Team

  • Bridgewater: Diane Nagy & Inger Hanson (Instructional Coaches) | Molly Ericksen (School Psychologist) | Jamie Wiebe (Social Worker) | Adam Danielson (PALS)
  • Greenvale Park: Heather Ryden & Diane Torbenson (Instructional Coaches) | Jacque Ims (School Psychologist) | Rachel Morrison (Social Worker) | Melissa Larsen (PALS)
  • Sibley: Becky Gainey & Tania Will (Instructional Coaches) | Melissa Reed (School Psychologist) | Noreen Cooney (Social Worker) | Peg Witt (PALS)

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