Elementary students (K-5) attend the school in the attendance area where their home is located, and school bus service is available for those who live beyond the walk boundary of their neighborhood school (approximately .75 miles for grades K-5). District policy allows for transportation to and from daycare sites, but the daycare facility must be within the attendance area of the school the child attends.

School Bus Questions and Answers:

How will I know which bus my children will ride and when they should be at the bus stop?

School bus information post cards are mailed in August. If parents have questions after receiving their cards, they should call Benjamin Bus Inc. at 507.645.5720.

My child needs to be picked up at a daycare facility. How do I arrange for this?

Complete a bus registration form (available at the school district office or at Benjamin Bus), or call Benjamin Bus at 507.645.5720. Remember, a daycare location must be in the same attendance area as the school your child attends.

We live in the country. Why does our bus pick up students in town?

Every effort is made to maximize the use of each school bus. Most buses are partially filled in rural areas, then fill up the bus with a few stops in town en route to the high school and middle school. If it were necessary to fill a bus with rural students only, the bus would have to cover many more miles and the bus routes would take longer. Bus stops in town actually result in shorter rides for most rural students.

My child is not riding the bus this year. Do we need to let anyone know?

Yes, it is very helpful to those planning routes if they know which students will not ride the school bus. This is especially important for rural students. It allows routes to be planned as efficiently as possible for those students who will ride the bus. Call Benjamin Bus at 507.645.5720 if you know that your children will not ride the bus to and/or from school. If your situation changes during the year and your children need to start riding the bus, call the bus company and they can be added to the

Can my child ride a different bus to go to a music lesson, other activity, or a friend’s house?

No, transportation is not available on regular route buses for non-school activities such as work, music or dance lessons, horse activities, scouts, church events, etc., or to/from an alternate location with a friend.

We live outside the district. Is bus service available for my child?

District policy provides for students who are residents of other districts who open-enroll to a Northfield district 659 school to be transported on district routes. These students need to come to a bus stop in the district and parents should contact the bus company to identify the most convenient bus stop. Students will need to come to a bus stop on a route that serves the school that the child attends; transfers that were possible in the past may no longer be an option. For example, if an open-enrolled student will be attending Bridgewater, that child needs to come to a stop on a Bridgewater route. Buses that are going to other schools will not serve Bridgewater students because that school is on a different schedule. Because fewer buses may be used, routes will be different and bus stops for open-enrolled students that were used in the past may not be an option. Parents should contact Benjamin Bus as soon as possible if they have open-enrolled students who need transportation.

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